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Afdeling Maritieme Techniek Universiteit Gent
Shallow Water

1st MASHCON : Bank Effects

  13 - 15 May, 2009, Antwerp, Belgium

The 1st MASHCON has come to an end. ship to ship interaction

In partnership with the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Flanders Hydraulics Research and Ghent University Maritime Technology Division have taken the initiative for the organisation of this Conference with the purpose of making a modest contribution to a better understanding of the phenomena that dominate the behaviour of ships in restricted navigation areas. The organisers intended to create an additional forum for all parties involved in navigation in manoeuvring in shallow and confined waters, with a non-exclusive focus on ship-bank interaction effects or, in short, bank effects. The need for such an event has been proved by the attendance of about sixty delegates from fifteen countries, representing four continents. Although most of the sixteen speakers represented universities and research institutes active in the field of hydrodynamics and ship simulation, many participants had a strong relationship to the actual nautical practice. This diversity resulted in interesting interactions after the presentations and a fruitful group discussion. Finally, the delegates had the opportunity to become acquainted with the facilities of Flanders Hydraulics Research and the port of Antwerp during technical visits.

More information and pictures can be found on the website that was built for this conference.

The organisers would like to express their gratitude to all contributors to the success of this Conference. There would be no conference without delegates, without presenting authors, without session chairpersons. Many thanks!


The conference proceedings can be purchased through R.I.N.A. publications.